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We provide legal services to those suffering religious discrimination, regardless of your religious belief or affiliation. We especially seek those willing to advance the law by making a long term commitment to engaging in trials and appeals. This is known as “impact litigation” because it helps to change, and hopefully strengthen the law.

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Current News and Features

July 24, 2015

Two Christian women found guilty of public indecency

Two of the 12 women arrested when leaving church in Sudan on suspicion of committing "public indecency" for violating the dress code have been found guilty and fined. READ MORE

July 22, 2015

The personality that's most vulnerable to Islamic State recruitment in the West

image: 3 photos > SLIDESHOW In the summer of 1995, Mubin Shaikh traveled throughout Pakistan, volunteering with a missionary group in the sweltering summer heat. READ MORE

July 22, 2015

Please Pray For Asia Bibi of Pakistan

Over the past several years, I have written a series of articles on these pages regarding the plight of Asia Bibi. Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian, and a married mother of five, who was sentenced to death under Pakistan’s notorious criminal code section 295(c), which prescribes the death penalty for “insulting” Mohammed and Islam. READ MORE

July 17, 2015

AB 987

Governor Jerry Brown just signed AB 987, confirming that employee requests for religious accommodation are legally protected, such that employers cannot fire workers who ask to be accommodated for their disability or religion. The Church State Council sponsored this bill together with the California Employment Lawyers Association. Our thanks to Assembly Member Marc Levine, from Marin County, for authoring the bill, and to Melissa Ramirez, his staff assistant who worked hard with us to get this passed. Special thanks, also to Mariko Yoshihara, my friend and colleague at CELA, and to Menaka Fernando, a CELA lawyer from San Francisco, who gave effective and articulate testimony at both Assembly and Senate committee hearings in support. READ MORE

July 14, 2015

Pope Francis apologizes for church's "sins" against indigenous peoples

As a theological matter, confession needs to be specific, not general. Pope Francis surely understands this. So a speech like this is a good start, and no doubt meant in all sincerity, but nowhere did Pope Francis identify the specific sins of the church during the colonial era, nor did he define the temporal scope of what he referred to as “the colonial era,” which, to be frank, extended into the twentieth century, and maybe even to century’s end. READ MORE