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KASK Radio 91.5 FM Begins Broadcast in Vacaville, California

This morning, Thursday July 19, 2007 at 8:25 a.m., Pacific time, KASK, 91.5 FM began broadcast from studios in Vacaville, California, on site at the Vacaville Seventh-day Adventist Church. This brings to an end a lengthy ten year struggle with local government for permission to broadcast from church premises. Bob Michaels, Vacaville Church member, and board member of Maranatha Broadcasting, Inc., the organization that has pursued this station these past ten years, reported that the first program aired was a religious liberty broadcast, Freedom’s Ring. [You can listen to Freedom’s Ring at:]

The station received its final permit from Solano County about a week ago, nearly six months after the permit was approved by the Board of Supervisors. Complying with local government requirements is never slow or easy, but the work was finally completed. With permit in hand, Michel Mace went to flip the switch to begin broadcasting, only to find that an engineer needed to come in and make some final adjustments and repairs.

KASK was the vision of Dr. Glenn Toppenberg, who felt called by God to establish a radio ministry at the Vacaville Church. Dr. Toppenberg devoted the last years of his life to this project, as well as tapping his personal retirement savings. He carried on the struggle until 2004, when he passed away from a stroke that could not have been helped by the stress of the fight with Solano County. Dr. Toppenberg never saw this day, but all involved in carrying on the struggle expect that there will be souls in the kingdom who will one day thank him for his role in bringing the light of the gospel into their lives.

A series of lawsuits with Solano County finally reached a settlement in December of 2004, and it has taken this long for KASK leaders working with county planning department officials to both file the necessary papers, and to obtain approval from both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. The unexpected bonus in all these delays, is that church leaders built a very good working relationship with Solano County planning officials during this time, so that the relationship at the end of all this struggle and litigation is far better than when it began. “I believe God has had His hand over this entire process,” says Alan J. Reinach, Esq., who has directed the effort from the Pacific Union Conference. “This side of the kingdom, we will probably never know why it had to take so long, but we trust God is working out His plans, and will make this station a blessing to the church and community.”

The Vacaville Seventh-day Adventist Church will celebrate the inauguration of KASK radio in a special worship service, on September 8th. All are welcome to attend this time of praise and thanksgiving. Special guest speakers to be announced.