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We provide legal services to those suffering religious discrimination, regardless of your religious belief or affiliation. We especially seek those willing to advance the law by making a long term commitment to engaging in trials and appeals. This is known as “impact litigation” because it helps to change, and hopefully strengthen the law.

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Current News and Features

October 20, 2014

Be Heard

It’s happening again. A Christian mom has been sentenced to death for her faith, this time in Pakistan. Asia Bibi was falsely accused of “blasphemy” – speaking against the prophet Muhammad. Now this wife and mother of five will hang for her Christian faith. READ MORE

September 23, 2014

Pastors in Iran Could Face Death Penalty

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Morning Star News) – Three pastors in Iran are facing charges that could lead to the death penalty for activities in the house-church movement in an unprecedented crackdown on converts from Islam, according to human rights groups. READ MORE

September 10, 2014

A Prisoner’s Beard Offers the Next Test of Religious Liberty for the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — When the Supreme Court comes back from its summer break next month, it will pick up where it left off, returning to the subject of religious freedom. But the court’s focus will shift from corporations to prisoners. READ MORE

September 2, 2014

How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops

In recent years, the court has made it very difficult, and often impossible, to hold police officers and the governments that employ them accountable for civil rights violations. READ MORE

August 27, 2014

Trial Court Strikes Down North Carolina School Voucher Program

In North Carolina yesterday, a state trial court judge struck down on state constitutional grounds North Carolina's Opportunity Scholarship program. As reported by Reuters, Judge Robert Hobgood ruled that the voucher program diverts funds which can constitutionally be used only for public schools. Also some of the funding is going to schools that discriminate on the basis of religion. READ MORE