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My Reading List

No Place to Hide. Robert O’Harrow, Jr. Washington Post reporter “provides an authoritative and vivid account of the emergence of a “security industrial complex” and the far reaching consequences for ordinary Americans…an alarming vision of the future uncannily reminiscent of the world imagined by Orwell in 1984.” Can’t wait to read it!

Nemesis: the Last Days of the American Republic. Chalmers Johnson. The latest from the author of Blowback and The Sorrows of Empire. While Adventists will disagree with the predicted demise of the United States, Chalmers is part of “The American Empire Project,” by a group of lefties, that eerily charts what many Adventists will see as prophetic trends in the development of the U.S. from being “lamb-like” to speaking “as a dragon.” See Rev. 13:11, 12.