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Sabbath Accommodation - New Member - Employee Letter










Dear (NAME):


An important problem has been on my mind, and since it concerns my work situation I now formally bring it to you by letter. I think you know how greatly I appreciate my work with your company and because of this I hope for your kind consideration in working out my particular problem.


Recently I became a member (or am studying to become a member) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. From a sincere religious conviction I have begun to observe the Sabbath, which we keep according to the Bible from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. (Here put in details of your specific work situation.)


I do not request to have the Sabbath off in order to have an extra day at home to catch up on odd jobs or to engage in recreation or amusements. The Sabbath is sacred to me. I have asked my pastor to write to affirm the credibility of my new religious beliefs and experience.


I am willing to work Fridays (until sunset), Sundays, holidays, and evenings to do fill-in work for other employees who may be out on sick leave or vacation, to compensate for not being scheduled during my Sabbath. I would be happy to switch to another department within the company where I could have my religious beliefs accommodated.


Whatever adjustments would need to be made, you can count on me to do everything I can to cooperate fully. I have the interest of the company at heart. If the matter could be settled at an early date, I would greatly appreciate it for it is something that means a great deal to me. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter further at your convenience.







cc: Alan J. Reinach, Esq.

Executive Director and General Counsel

Church State Council