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Union Dues - HR Letter

This letter is to be sent in to your HR Department  to request that Dues are not deducted from your paycheck 





Director of Human Resources

Your employer

Address, etc.


Re:    Religious Accommodation / Exemption from Union Membership / Payroll Deduction of Union Dues


To whom it may concern:


I am employed as (job title) at (location). I was recently informed that I must become a member of the labor union, and pay union dues. I am writing due to my sincerely held religious objection either to joining a labor union or supporting the union through payment of dues. My belief is based on the Word of God [and the teachings of my church]. I have notified the Union of my religious objection, and requested a religious accommodation. 


Please be advised that in accordance with Federal law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers are obligated to accommodate workers with religious objections to labor union membership, and payment of union dues. The approved method of accommodation is to require the payment of a sum equivalent to union dues to a non religious charity. Accordingly, I am intending to pay my dues equivalent to (name of charity).


Because I am entitled to a religious accommodation not to pay union dues, it would be inappropriate for the employer to deduct dues from my regular pay. Accordingly, please insure that union dues are not deducted from my paycheck.  Any such deductions would violate my civil rights.


Thank you for your efforts to insure that the workplace is diverse and inclusive, respecting the civil rights of all workers, including those like myself who have religious objections to labor union membership. 




(Your Name)


cc:  Alan J Reinach, Esq.

      Executive Director and General Counsel

      Church state Council